Wigs & Hair Loss

Our wigs and hair loss team pride themselves on their expertise, offering a discreet, caring and elite service. If you have thinning hair, we are fully trained to use the scalp camera to enable us to offer La Biosthetique products and advice. If you have partial hair loss, we can help with a Hair Integration System or if you have complete hair loss, we have experienced wig specialists with extensive knowledge in wig fitting, cutting and styling.

Hair Replacement

We are very pleased to offer women the life-changing hair replacement service called Mesh Integration. Combining a skill of hair extensions and wig fitting, our hair loss specialists have been able to perfect mesh integration which is a bespoke custom hair system.

Our mesh integration is designed using a breathable netting which is placed over the thinning or balding hair. This netting mimics your scalp acting as a ‘second skin’ which is then used to fit and colour-match the desired colour to human hair extensions.

From £550

Please contact us for a free private consultation or visit our dedicated Innovation Wigs and Hair Loss website.