Nano Extensions

Natural and discreet for most hair types…

Nano extensions have been very popular and non-damaging for a long time which is why we use this method at Innovation.

Nano bead extensions are the smallest and most discreet hair extensions around. They are approximately the size of a ballpoint pen nib, making them the most comfortable and practical for long term use when combined with regular maintenance.

Extensions can be used for a variety of reasons including adding length, thickness, volume and colour.

A complimentary consultation will be carried out before any fitting. During this appointment, you will be colour matched and decide on your desired length and thickness which we can help you with. Maintenance needs to be carried out every 8-10 weeks to keep the extensions and the natural hair healthy.


  • Half Head from £227.00
  • Full Head from £324.00
  • Extra Thick Full Head from £423.00
  • 14-24 inches available in a variety of colours

Please contact us for bookings or further information.

Nano hair extensions Hampshire
Nano hair extensions Hampshire
Nano hair extensions Stubbington